Dry-Aged for the First Time

PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION. This, ladies and gentlemen, is The NoMad Bar’s Dry-Aged Beef burger.


It is the most divine thing I’ve eaten in my entire life… even more divine than Father’s Office’s Office Burger. It’s a 28-day dry aged beef patty, cooked medium-rare, covered in white cheddar cheese, topped with a charred and pickled red onion and some special sauce, between a soft bun.


The burger patty, because of the aging, was like a thick cheese that melted away in your mouth but had the outside textured like a regular burger. The red onion added a sweet, but tangy kick to the whole experience and the bread was so very slightly toasted that the outside was hard but as soon as you bit into it, it softened up and joined the rest of the burger in pure bliss.


To be honest, I didn’t know that there was a special sauce till after I ate the burger. However, I’m guessing that the sauce (along with the aging of the beef) was what elevated the burger to the next level.


The shoestring fries were topped with herbs and lemon. They were crispy, and stayed that way throughout the night (not a bit of sogginess), and salted to perfection. Served with a house ketchup and a divine pommery mayonnaise (a mustard aioli of sorts).

Check out the NoMad bar if you’re ever in Manhattan. It’s bougie so go dressed to impress with enough money to spend. It definitely intimidated my brothers and I, who were in snow jackets and jeans. But we were there for a purpose and we certainly fulfilled it.

PS. It’s exciting that they’re opening up a NoMad in LA! It will definitely have a separate menu and be run by a separate, but equally talented, chef. But I’m sure it will not disappoint. I tried their chicken sandwiches at their food truck in Venice recently and it was intriguing, exciting and vibrant to say the least.

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