Poppin’ Pills… Of Garlic?

I have been gradually transitioning into a healthier lifestyle, despite my usual food-driven excursions. And one thing that I’ve learned to be extremely conducive towards this transition has been garlic. The Italians love it, the Indians love it, the Chinese love it, it’s strong, it’s delicate, it’s medicine, it’s spice, it’s this, that and a little bit of everything. So let’s give it a little attention…

3 Reasons You Should Consume More Garlic

1. It’s a medicine

Bet you didn’t know that. Or if you did, you didn’t pay it much attention. WELL LISTEN UP! Because this bulbous plant is an all natural antibiotic. Penicillin and Amoxicillin came AFTER garlic. Garlic was here first, and sometimes you have to pay attention to the OGs.

Our sharp and versatile friend releases a chemical called allicin that apparently helps with reducing the risk of cancer, cholesterol issues, fever, coughs, headaches, stomach aches, and a plethora of other stuff that you probably don’t ever want to deal with. Now I’m no doctor, but that sounds like a natural pill of asswhoopin’ and disease-fightin’.


Yup, you heard me, I said “pill”. And this is why you’re here. To hear some crazy stuff from the boy who eats. Well, whenever I’m sick, especially with a bacterial infection, I take garlic like a pill. A whole clove, slightly smashed to release all the good stuff, just downed with water. It helped me out when I had strep throat. Just copious amounts of garlic, ginger juice, lemon juice, and cranberry juice. Within 4 days my strep had come and gone.


Granted, the effects aren’t as strong as pharmaceuticals, but the best part about it is that too much garlic can never do you wrong. Besides bad breath, but that’s on you. Don’t eat THAT much garlic. Especially not raw. Point is, you can’t OD on garlic.

2. It tastes uh-mazing

If I was ever to be stuck on a godforsaken island with only one seasoning, it would be garlic salt (this is the kind of stuff I think about in my free time).


Garlic is just the single best flavor ever known to mankind. Even the aroma of it hitting oil and filling the house is unbeatable – except by fried onions (but since they’re both related to each other, we’ll call it a tie). It also adds so much depth to any dish that you put it in. Granted, the amount of depth depends on the amount of garlic. I mean, imagine a pizza sauce without garlic. Or a shrimp scampi without garlic. Or a Chinese stir fry without garlic. Or even a chicken tikka masala without garlic! None of them would be the same! They’d all just be bland and uncharacteristic.

I honestly believe that each clove of garlic is a flavor bomb used by chefs to make their dishes that much more successful. After all, if it wasn’t so flavorful, it wouldn’t be used in almost every cuisine from American to Mexican to Italian to Chinese and Japanese. So you might as well eat more of it, since you’re probably eating it anyway.


3. Read reasons 1 & 2. Thoroughly.

source: GIPHY|Viceland


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